Swiss Pointe Designs



I'm Geneva (or Genny, or Gen...whichever you like), the one-woman show behind Swiss Pointe Designs. Yep, that means I design, curate, create, promote and even photograph. I'm a wife, a mom of two boys & two dogs, a vegan and a yarn obsessed knitter/fiber art maker.

I believe in slow fashion that's made unique. What's slow fashion? It's about being purposeful in each piece you create or purchase, and realizing that fewer is better. It's the deliberate choice to buy better quality items, less often. Most importantly to me, slow fashion is ethical and sustainable.

Thoughtfully created Swiss Pointe wares come to you from inside my home studio in the heart of America. I design unique, often one-of-a-kind pieces (some for selling, some for sharing, and of course some just for me). 

I have an adoration (okay, maybe more of an obsession) for knitting & fiber arts. I work hard to create urban knitwear and break the stereotypes of "traditional knitting". I love the influence of vintage pieces, but they always get a modern twist. Creating knitwear and seeking out gorgeous yarn might be my first love, but I can't resist unique vintage fabrics either. Amongst the knits & weavings, you'll also find bags sewn with one-of-a-kind textiles and the occasional eclectic embroidered piece.

Along with my desire to create, I believe in supporting local businesses and buying American made materials. High-quality, eco and animal-friendly are a must when it comes to construction of Swiss Pointe goods.  Everything from yarn, to fabric, to tags & thread is carefully chosen. I love sharing stories about the talented artists & small businesses behind the yarns used in my designs.... You will always know how much love went into each SPD piece!

In addition to crafting my own designs, I really enjoy knitting up other artist's patterns and sharing their stories. I never say no to a kick-ass collaboration either! Other knitters can enjoy making some of my original patterns, and even snag some of my favorite yarns right here! Catch Swiss Pointe on Instagram for all kinds of fiber art inspiration by me + lots more talented babes!


Thoughtfully Cultivated

Yarn & Fiber

Yarns used for creating custom knitwear and fiber art, are often sourced from locally-owned small businesses. I have also formed partnerships with several local and American-made companies that produce only the highest quality product and share the same values. This ensures that any yarn created with wool or alpaca fiber is humanely cultivated (I'm an avid animal lover and would NEVER use any products that cause harm to another living being). Lucky for me, I even get to take field trips to some the local ranches and farms where I source my fiber....Who can resist loving on a sweet fluffy alpaca or wooly sheep?!

Cottons, linen and sustainable bamboo blend yarns make up a large part of my collection (yay for eco-friendly vegan fibers!).  Working with a variety of yarns allows me to create knitwear for every season and everybody.

Textile Yarn

Used to create bold bags & neckwear, textile and fabric yarns are earth-conscious and vegan-friendly. It’s created from fashion factory remnants that would otherwise be turned into waste. Textile yarn contains no animal fiber and comes in many textures, colors and designs. Because no skein is the same, it creates one-of-a-kind handbags & accessories that are functional in every part of life. I only use faux leather to construct the straps and accents for bags (yes, you guessed it, I'm a vegan).  


Materials and textiles chosen for bags & accessories, are made from sustainable cotton, linen and wool blends.  Home accents are crafted with unique materials like eco-friendly felt and repurposed fabrics.  Vintage fabric is another one of my loves.  Keep an eye out for those special upcycled and reclaimed one-of-a-kind pieces.  

The Bottom Line :

Each Swiss Pointe piece has a story. High quality pieces, made unique.